Officer who shot John Geer took himself off the streets three times due to marital stress.

The Washington Post reports that Adam Torres, the Fairfax County Police Officer who shot and killed John Geer on August 29, 2013, had asked to be taken off the streets three times in the year preceding the August shooting because he was distraught over problems with his marriage.

The Post reports that transcripts show that almost immediately after Torres fired the fatal shot, he told the officer who had been speaking with Geer, “that he’d had an argument with his wife before he came to work.

“I don’t think he should have been out there,” said Mike Lieberman, the lawyer for Geer’s family. “You have three times in a year where he himself says he’s unable to go out on the street. When you have an officer saying that, that should send out all sorts of red flags.”

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