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International Municipal Lawyers Association (IMLA) Asks Jonathan Mook to Update Them on the ADA; Rocket Docket Update; Michele Kraftschik, Our Unsung Hero; DG/30 Milestone

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When a Title Causes Confusion; Rocket Docket Update; ADA: Recent Litigation Developments; DG/30 Milestones

Virginia to ratify Equal Rights Amendment

By: Jonathan R. Mook and Colete Fontenot DiMuroGinsberg, PC When the Virginia General Assembly convened in January, ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) to the U.S. Constitution was at the top of the agenda. As stated in Section 1, the ERA guarantees: “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged […]

Trump’s Executive Order Creates New Uncertainty for Employers

By: Jarrad Wright At the end of September, President Trump issued Executive Order 13950 innocuously titled “Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping,” which has ignited a storm of controversy among employers that do contracting with the federal government. Among other things, the Executive Order bars federal contractors and subcontractors from conducting certain types of racial sensitivity […]

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Keep a Paper Trail!; Rocket Docket Update; Employee or Contractor? Don’t Misclassify!; DG/30 Milestone

Virginia Law Targets Worker Misclassification

By:  Jayna Genti Companies misclassifying their employees as independent continues to be a hot-button issue throughout the country, and Virginia is no exception. In the last year alone, legislation related to independent contractor misclassification was introduced at the federal level and in at least 20 states. New Jersey and California recently enacted employee misclassification laws, […]

Fourth Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Employee’s FMLA Claim

By:  Jarrad Wright A recent Fourth Circuit opinion is a reminder for all employers to thoroughly document problems with employees before making firing decisions.  In a two to one decision, a Fourth Circuit panel on July 1, 2020 upheld the decision of a Virginia federal district court judge to disregard a jury verdict in favor […]