Over the years, DiMuroGinsberg has been immersed incountless challenging cases. Each one was approached with the same professionalism, expertise and impeccable service allowing our clients to enjoy the “DiMuroGinsberg eDGe”. We work harder to make sure that every case gets the best we have to give and we won’t stop until we’re sure we’ve given it our all.

Representative Cases


  • Obtained favorable Virginia Supreme Court ruling upholding $603,409.90 verdict of legal malpractice in a third party beneficiary claim.
  • Obtained favorable Virginia Supreme Court ruling on intentional infliction of emotional distress.
  • Obtained a precedent-setting Supreme Court ruling regarding the rights of parents.
  • $3 million arbitration award including damages and attorneys’ fees upheld by D.C. Court of Appeals.
  • Successfully defended national insurance company, obtaining a reversal in the Virginia Supreme Court of a multi-million dollar judgment and Virginia State Corporation injunction.
  • Obtained two Virginia Supreme Court rulings reversing disciplinary actions taken against attorneys.

Civil Plaintiff

  • Obtained $2.95 million settlement for beneficiaries in Fairfax County Circuit Court in a wrongful death police shooting.
  • Obtained favorable settlement in international dispute over copyright violation of stolen source code for mobile device extraction tools.
  • Obtained multi-million dollar settlement in a wrongful death 1983 action involving a SWAT team police shooting.
  • $12,900,000.00 jury verdict received for violation of Business Conspiracy Act.
  • Obtained $108,212.00 in sanctions for discovery abuse in IP case.
  • Successfully represented a trade association in protection of its copyrighted software.
  • Lead counsel for established record producer in action to obtain royalties for the song Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head from the Forrest Gump soundtrack. Obtained judgment for all royalties owed and the attorneys’ fees and costs incurred. As lead appellate counsel, successfully defended appeal before the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • Lead counsel on behalf of the estate of a September 11th victim in proceeding before the Victim’s Compensation Fund. Obtained award that was almost twice the presumptive limit under the governing guidelines.
  • Lead counsel in prosecution of real estate/loan transactions. Obtained million plus dollar judgments against various defendants and all attorneys’ fees and costs incurred.
  • Co-counsel in successful prosecution of products liability cases involving exploding rims on a snow-blower.
  • Obtained six-figure settlement on behalf of national lobbying firm against law firm for legal malpractice in Federal Court and mediation.
  • Obtained substantial settlement against national/international tobacco company on patent infringement claims in Federal Court.
  • Obtained billion dollar settlement following multiple judgments litigating the Estate of Howard Hughes on behalf of beneficiaries.

Civil Defense

  • Lead counsel in defense of RICO action based on immigration fraud in the Eastern District of Virginia. Obtained dismissal of all RICO claims at the pleadings stage.
  • Co-counsel in defense of high-profile, multi-million dollar RICO action in the Southern District of New York. Obtained judgment as to RICO, fraud, and other claims. Co-counsel on appeal before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • Obtained complete defense verdict in a jury trial defending a specialty sports car manufacturer against fraud, contract and consumer protection claims.
  • Obtained complete defense verdict at trial defending a government contractor in a defamation lawsuit.
  • Lead counsel in defense of RICO action based upon fraud in the Eastern District of Virginia. Obtained dismissal of all RICO claims at the pleading stage.
  • Successfully defended and settled major film studio of copyright entrapment claim.
  • Successfully defended car dealer at trial against claims of race, age and disability discrimination by a former employee.
  • Obtained summary judgment dismissing discrimination claims brought against airline.
  • Successfully defended international medical device company against claims of sex discrimination raised by a former salesperson.
  • Lead counsel in defense of $26 million fee petition, the largest fee petition in the history of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • Lead counsel in defense of $100 million RICO action filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

Criminal Defense

  • Successfully defended prosecution on securities fraud relating to private equity investment.
  • Successfully defended city official avoiding prosecution in honest services fraud and gratuities investigation.
  • Successfully defended corporate official in securities fraud prosecution resulting in deferred prosecution agreement.
  • Obtained acquittal in prosecution of retired military officer accused of internet crime.
  • Obtained dismissal of multiple counts in Computer Fraud and Abuse Act prosecution.
  • Obtained acquittal in war zone prosecution involving litigation of classified evidence.
  • Successfully defended congressional employee against allegations of disclosing classified information.
  • Successfully represented subject of political corruption investigation.
  • Obtained dismissal after challenge to illegally obtained evidence in fraud/identity theft prosecution.
  • Obtained dismissal after successful challenge to admissibility of electronic evidence.
  • Avoided death penalty in espionage prosecution.
  • Obtained “not guilty” verdict in incest prosecution.
  • Avoided death penalty in murder prosecution involving the death of pregnant teenager.

Intellectual Property

  • Representation of plaintiff in patent infringement litigation concerning asynchronous collaboration and rapid application development technology (USDC for the Eastern District of Texas and related Covered Business Method Review proceeding (PTAB).
  • Lead counsel in trademark infringement litigation concerning moving and storage services.
  • Lead counsel for defendant in patent infringement litigation concerning unified messaging technology and related Inter Partes Review proceeding (PTAB).
  • Representation of Respondent in trademark opposition involving cosmetic and skin care products (TTAB).
  • Representation of defendant in patent infringement litigation concerning CAD software technology.
  • Representation of the manufacturer of a generic version of ophthalmic eye drops for the treatment of glaucoma in several related cases under the Hatch-Waxman Act.
  • Representation of complainants in an ITC investigation that was resolved by settlements and consent orders favorable to complainants prior to hearing.
  • Representation of a global 500 company in a patent infringement action against several foreign manufacturers and U.S. distributors of recordable and rewritable DVDs.
  • Representation of component manufacturer in patent infringement litigation involving multiple networking technology patents and early application of patent exhaustion under Supreme Court’s Quanta v. LGE decision.
  • Representation of respondent regarding scope of protectability of trade dress (U.S. Supreme Court).
  • Received a $1.05 billion jury verdict in a patent and trade dress trial, representing a top five Fortune 500 company.
  • Successful representation of a Japan-based company and its U.S. affiliate in patent infringement actions relating to guitars and other musical instruments. Case settled on favorable terms.