DGRead 20.07.01

Zachary Deubler Has Questions; Johnathan Mook Has Answers; Rocket Docket Update; Back to Work Can Cause More Problems Than It Solves

DGRead 20.06.15

Jonathan Mook Looks Back to the Future with the ADA; Rocket Docket Update; “You’re in Trouble” says the Judge Before Awarding $21,000 in Sanctions! DG/30 Milestone

DGRead 20.06.01

New Virginia Worker Protections: What You need to Know; Rocket Docket Update; Workplace Mental Health; DG/30 Milestone

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Nina Ginsberg, Covid-19 and the Criminal Justice System; Johnny Depp Takes His Suit to Washington; What Have Your Attorneys Done for You Lately?; DG/30 Milestone

DGRead 20.05.01

Covid-19—It is an Opportunity to Profit at the Expense of Others; Jonathan Mook Takes His FFCRA Knowledge on the Road; Covid-19: Some People are not Playing Nice; DGwebinar—don’t forget May 5th; DG/30 Milestone

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COVID-19 Paid Leave Entitlements Explained; Rocket Docket Update; Copyright and Remote Learning; DG/30 Milestone

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Remote Office: What’s Your Plan?; Rocket Docket Update; Help Me Force Majeure…You’re My Only Hope!; Compassionate Release; Social Distancing—an Oxymoron; DG/30 Milestone

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Coronavirus, Oh My!; Rocket Docket Update; Noncompetes—Are They Enforceable?; DG/30 Milestone

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When is a Final Order Really a Final Order?; The Federal Bar Association – Northern VA Chapter Trivia Night!; DiMuroGinsberg Annual Family Game Night; DG/30 Milestone

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eDiscovery and How to Best Use it; Rocket Docket Update; Pitfalls of Outsourcing Background Checks; DG/30 Milestone