DGRead 23.08.15

There’s Still Time to Register for The DC Bar CLE: Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act; We Can’t Ignore Menopause in the Workplace; DiMuroGinsberg Partner Nina Ginsberg Receives Prestigious 2023 Heeney Award

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World Day for International Justice; AI for Law Firm Marketing; Happy Summer!

DGRead 23.07.01

Ethics of Social Media and Other E-Technology Issues; The Pregnancy Workers Fairness Act takes Effect—What Does That Mean to Employers?; Happy Independence Day!

DGRead 23.06.15

A Judge’s Fitness-For-Duty Law Suit Provides Lessons for Employers; 50 Employment Laws in 50 States; Happy Pride Month!

DGRead 23.06.01

Be Careful How You Word Your Arguments for ADA Rulings in the 8th Circuit; FedEx Learns A $2M Lesson; Reminder: DiMuroGinsberg is on the Move!

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DiMuroGinsberg Is on The Move!; Rocket Docket Updates; Could AI Revolutionize The Practice of Law?; Celebrate Memorial Day!

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If You Missed Ben DiMuro’s Legal Ethics Seminar, Not to Worry!; 50 Employment Laws in 50 States; May 14th is Mother’s Day!

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Get Up to Date on the Latest Changes in Legal Ethics with Ben DiMuro; EEOC Sues on Behalf of Employee Seeking to Telework Due to Covid-19 Health Risk; World Art Day!

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The Advent of Autism is Growing Exponentially!; Autism and the Judicial System; Happy Ramadan, Happy Easter; Happy Passover!

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A Texas Obesity Bias Case Raises Some Good Questions for Employers to Consider; Women’s History Month; Founding Partner Nina Ginsberg