Intellectual Property continues to be one of the most valuable assets an organization can have. It provides a competitive advantage, a primary source of revenue and often, the incentive for continued innovation. Yet, the rules governing the acquisition and protection of IP are more complicated than ever.

For example, the statutory regime governing patents in the U.S. has just undergone the most significant amendments in over 50 years. These amendments address not only the requirements for patentability, which require a more rigorous approach to identifying inventions and promptly filing applications, but also new procedural and substantive rules governing challenges to a patent’s validity. And, Congress is considering even further changes to the ever-evolving decisional law that governs the full gamut of IP issues from what constitutes protectable subject matter to the scope of remedies available to IP owners. The result is that IP rights may now be harder to obtain and sustain. Those rights that survive, however, will likely be more valuable than ever!

Experienced counsel is necessary to successfully navigate the new IP regimes, particularly in the current economic climate. As with all other assets, clients must apply a cost-benefit analysis to determine which investments and which avenues are most justified, incorporating adeptness and acumen with both the legal and business issues that are inherent in evaluating IP issues. This assessment is now more complicated in light of the new and developing rules described above.

That is where DGKeyIP comes in. Our core team will first assess the precise issue to be addressed, and then map out a course of action in consultation with the client specifically tailored to the work that is needed. This includes a budget that matches exactly what is needed. Our goal is simple: provide legal services for our clients for whatevery IP matter they may have– regardless of size – where the value realized by the client is commensurate with the level and quality of advice we provide. From our experience, you will always receive the “DiMuroGinsberg eDGe”.