DiMuroGinsberg — over 30 years of practice, partnership and service.

DiMuroGinsberg — over 30 years of practice, partnership and service.

Nina Ginsberg chosen to be included in the Class of 2021 Hall of Fame by Virginia Lawyers Weekly

Nina Ginsberg Receives Prestigious 2023 Heeney Award from Nation’s Criminal Defense Bar

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unlike any other court in the US.

Be prepared! Be VERY prepared!

The Rocket Docket…

DiMuroGinsberg. Our dedication to our clients shows in everything we do.

DiMuroGinsberg is a litigation and business law firm located in Alexandria and Tysons, Virginia. We practice primarily in the areas of commercial litigation, business torts, business disputes, corporate law and business transactions. We have attorneys that specialize in employment law, criminal defense and investigations, white collar crime, personal injury including wrongful death, professional liability and ethics, and intellectual property and patent cases and our appellate practice. The attorneys of DiMuroGinsberg are known for their familiarity with and expertise before the Rocket Docket, a term often used for the speediness of the Federal Court of the Eastern District of Virginia. Their frequent appearances in the Rocket Docket have provided our attorneys with a base of knowledge that enables them to serve as valuable resources for corporate counsel and business leaders unfamiliar with the local rules and practices of the Court.

We recently celebrated 30 years in business and continue to celebrate it strong by always showing our existing and new clients how these years translate into benefits for them. Our dedication to our work and to our clients is second to none. There are a lot more than 30 years of experience packed into this firm–it means an incredible edge for clients. Our Experience | Your Edge

We have a new address! 1001 N. Fairfax St., Suite 510, Alexandria, VA 22314

It is with the utmost of sadness that we report the passing of our managing partner, Ben DiMuro. Please see News and Insights for more information.

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DGRead 24.01.15

4th Circ. Ruling Shows How Important Details Are to Successful Worker Requests Under the ADA; Is This for Lawyer Parents or Their Children?; Martin Luther King Day, January 15, 2024
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DGRead 23.12.15

Drink Up: Employer Liability for Alcohol Impaired Employees; Mocktails Allow for Inclusivity at Company Holiday Parties; DiMuroGinsberg Welcomes Neil Ripley; Happy Holidays!
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ADA Legal Developments

Although the Americans with Disabilities Act was enacted into law over 30 years ago, questions still arise as to who is covered by the statute and what does the law require in eliminating disability discrimination…
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The Rocket Docket

Want to learn more about The Rocket Docket? We can provide the knowledge and experience you need to be prepared for Rocket Docket litigation.

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Intellectual Property Brochure

Our experience and contacts in government, academia and industry give us multi-faceted insights into the legal problems that our clients face when seeking to protect and capitalize on their valuable intellectual assets.

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