Personal Injury

The firm’s personal injury and wrongful death practice is led by Michael Lieberman and Ben DiMuro. Our personal injury paralegal, Kelly Saunders Hauck, has over 30 years of experience in the personal injury field. In the unfortunate circumstance that you find yourself needing personal injury representation, our team of experienced lawyers and staff stand ready to help you.  Our lawyers work closely with our clients to ensure we understand their unique needs, believing that each case and every person is unique.  We understand that being injured through no fault of your own and trying to find a lawyer can be overwhelming.  Our firm and its lawyers have more than 36 years of experience handling matters ranging from automobile accidents, medical malpractice cases, civil rights and defamation cases to wrongful death matters.  We have a proven track-record of working steadfastly to obtain the most successful outcomes on behalf of our clients.

Dealing with insurance companies, whether it is your own auto policy, health insurance company, the other party’s insurance company, or some other insurance, is extremely complicated. At DiMuroGinsberg, we understand that. Our goal is to relieve the pressure of managing the insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, Medicare, Medicaid, and other matters like these that might be weighing you down, by dealing with them directly on your behalf. Our approach focuses on helping you get better, so you’re not trying to deal with these complexities and other pressures. We want to protect you from those that want to take advantage of you and/or withhold full and fair compensation for your injuries.

We always work very closely with the injured people we represent, while protecting them from others who may seem like they have your best interests in mind, but almost always do not.

We are always willing to talk with you and we pride ourselves in providing our straight and honest opinions so you know the strengths and weaknesses of your case and so we all know we are always on the same page. At DiMuroGinsberg we know trust is essential. You will have ours and we will earn yours.

Representative Cases

  • Obtained $2.95 million settlement for beneficiaries in Fairfax County Circuit Court in a wrongful death police shooting.
  • Obtained multi-million dollar settlement in a wrongful death 1983 action in federal court involving a police shooting.
  • Served as co-counsel in successful prosecution of products liability case involving exploding rims on a snow-blower.
  • Represented the Estate and beneficiaries of two parents who were killed in snowmobile accident while participating in snowmobile tour in Yellowstone Park. Product liability and negligence claims made against manufacturer and distributor of snowmobile as well as the tour company.
  • Won an $800,000.00 verdict against the American Red Cross for a mother who was permanently injured while donating blood.
  • Assisted in preserving a $10,000,000.00 wrongful death verdict in the Supreme Court of Virginia.
  • Obtained an almost $200,000.00 verdict against a lawyer who failed to properly serve a personal injury lawsuit on a defendant resulting in dismissal of the personal injury case.
  • Prevailed in a case garnering national media attention involving a human rights complaint against a state mental hospital where a patient had been held in seclusion for over 15 years. This case took over 10 years and involved multiple appeals by the hospital.
  • Obtained many favorable settlements and decisions on behalf of brain injured persons.
  • Secured hundreds of settlements on behalf of people who have been seriously injured by the negligence of others.

Significant Cases

  • Fiorucci v. Chinn, 764 S.E.2d 85, 2014 Va. LEXIS 144, (October 31, 2014) (Supreme Court of Virginia, on brief amicus curiae)
  • Barnett v. The Byrd Theatre Foundation, 287 Va. 291, 754 S.E.2d 299 (February 27, 2014) (Supreme Court of Virginia, on brief amicus curiae)
  • Allied Concrete Co., et al. v. Lester, 285 Va. 295, 736 S.E.2d 699 (January 10, 2013) (Supreme Court of Virginia, on brief Appellant/Appellee)
  • Wakole v. Barber, 283 Va. 488,722 S.E.2d 238 (March 2, 2012) (Supreme Court of Virginia, on brief, amicus curiae)
  • Spear v. Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, settled while pending in the Supreme Court of Virginia, (May 2010) (on brief, amicus curiae)
  • Clark v. De Veciana., 276 Va. 555; 2008 Ava. LEXIS 118 (October 31, 2008) (SupremeCourt of Virginia, on brief amicus curiae)
  • Jackson v. Harting, et al., 645 S.E.2d 303, 2007 Va. LEXIS 96 (June 8, 2007) (Supreme Court of Virginia, on brief for Appellant) (petition for rehearing denied)
  • Isbell v. Commercial Investment Assoc., Inc., 644 S.E.2d 72, 2007 Va. Lexis 52 (April 4, 2007) (Supreme Court of Virginia, on brief amicus curiae)
  • Castle v. Lester, 272 Va. 591, 636 S.E.2d 342 (November 3, 2006) (supreme Court of Virginia, on brief amicus curiae)

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

  • Automobile Accidents
  • Tractor Trailer Accidents
  • Wrongful Death
  • Defamation: Libel and Slander
  • Work Related Injuries and Deaths
  • Product Liability

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