Andrea Moseley to speak at the Southeastern Association of Law Schools (SEALS) Annual Meeting

Andrea’s program, “Growing Cannabis Law: When Grass Becomes Cash,” will be part of the legal educator panels and discussion groups that offer law professors an opportunity to enhance their classroom teaching.

The panel’s discuss will focus on the law reforms that are sprouting throughout the country. Many states now permit restricted medicinal or recreational use, possession, sale, cultivation, and transportation, creating a cash-crop business opportunity. Yet federal law still prohibits cannabis activities. If a state passes a law to decriminalize cannabis, however, the federal government permits it so as long as a state regulation system is in place.

This discussion group will explore the many facets of law relating to cannabis such as property, commercial, and criminal law. They will examine vexing issues including state-federal conflicts and discriminatory effects as well as whether decriminalization promotes substance abuse. Also considered will the banking, tax, bankruptcy, intellectual property, insurance, international trade, interstate transportation, and antitrust implications.

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