Kendall Almerico to present at the 2016 DC Wharton Summit

The DC Wharton Summit is the premier event for entrepreneurs, innovators and key leaders in DC.  Register for Kendall’s workshop, “Can New SEC Regulations Boost Your Startup Funding?”

For companies that need funding (and who doesn’t?) the JOBS Act and crowdfunding seem like the magic answer to many capital raising problems. Are these new securities laws and SEC regulations right for your company? And if so, how can your company utilize these groundbreaking capital raising regulations safely, legally, effectively and affordably?

In Kendall’s workshop, you will learn the nuts and bolts about Regulation A+ which allows companies to raise up to $50 million in a “Mini-IPO” online, with anyone (not just rich and well-connected folks) being allowed to invest. You will get a sneak preview of the new “equity crowdfunding” law, Title III of the JOBS Act, that goes into effect on May 16, 2016 and will allow start-ups to raise up to $1 million online through a “funding portal” that sells stock in your private company to the general public. You will also hear about “accredited investor crowdfunding” where your company can use online methods and marketing to raise money from wealthy investors through Section 506(c) – Title II of the JOBS Act.

Kendall, who was named one of the top crowdfunding and JOBS Act lawyers in the country by Forbes Magazine, will also participate in a panel on crowdfunding.  “Crowdfunding: Latest Developments and Pros and Cons” will be held at 1:15pm on Day 2 of the conference.

Register for the Wharton DC Summit here.  As a friend of DiMuroGinsberg, you are eligible for a $200.00 discount on the summit by signing up under the “Strategic Partnership” category and listing Kendall’s name in the “Special Instructions” box.

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