Fairfax Grand Jury investigating John Geer police shooting hears testimony.

The special grand jury for the Geer case consists of nine Fairfax residents, Lieberman said, selected last month by Chief Fairfax Circuit Court Judge Bruce D. White without the participation of prosecution or defense lawyers, as Virginia law requires.

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Court nixes CEO’s tortious interference claim

Claims of tortious or wrongful interference are becoming more common these days.  Recently, the federal district court in Alexandria roundly rejected such a claim in a lawsuit that presented an unusual set of circumstances.  In his lawsuit, Stephen Stradtman contended that Republic Services improperly reduced purchases from the company for which Stradtman was CEO in order to pressure Stradtman to have his wife drop a discrimination lawsuit she had filed against Republic.  Stradtman did not do so, however.  Instead, he resigned as CEO and filed suit against Republic for tortiously interfering with his employment.

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As the special grand jury investigating the Fairfax County police shooting death of an unarmed Fairfax County man in 2013 prepares to meet later this month, prosecutors have subpoenaed one of the man’s teenage daughters, prompting fears from her family that her testimony will be used to disparage John Geer in front of the jury.

“Whatever happened in their house,” Lieberman said, “how is that relevant to why Torres pulled the trigger over an hour later? Is this going to be a fair replay of that day, or are they just going to be in there trying to destroy John?”

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DiMuroGinsberg lawyer, Kendall Almerico, discusses the Greek Bailout Fund, a crowdfunding campaign started on Indiegogo. “Even if a miracle occurred and somehow the money was pledged, it would not be enough [now that the deadline has passed and interest is being added on].”

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DiMuroGinsberg lawyer, Kendall Almerico, discusses how raising capital with Regulation A+ will involve more than going online, creating a crowdfunding campaign and watching the money flow in. “Regulation A+ involves the sale of equity or debt in your company and is governed by securities laws. Raising $50 million under Regulation A+ is going to require your company to invest money in the process.”

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Two years after killing man, cop is still not charged

A Virginia police officer killed a man in his own home who hadn’t committed a crime and allegedly had his hands up.  Why hasn’t the cop been charged?  CNN’s Randi Kaye  interviews Michael Lieberman and recaps the John Geer police shooting for Anderson Cooper 360⁰  Read more

Fairfax pays $2.95 million to settle suit in John Geer Police Shooting

Michael Lieberman, Harrington’s lawyer, said the settlement was the largest for a police shooting in Virginia history. “No family should have to fight like the Geer family was forced to,” Lieberman said, “in order to learn basic facts about the police shooting of a loved one, and the public deserves a government that is transparent and accountable.”

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DiMuroGinsberg lawyer, Kendall Almerico, discusses the recent passage of Regulation A+ and how it opens the doors to a revolutionary way to raise capital.

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How to Handle Workplace Threats

Dealing with employees who may pose a health or safety risk was the subject of comment by DiMuroGinsberg partner, Jonathan R. Mook, in a recent article appearing in the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) online newsletter.

The article by Allen Smith, entitled “Rely on Conduct Rules to Discipline Workplace Threats,” explores the various ways in which employers may handle health and safety concerns without violating the Americans with Disabilities Act’s protections for disabled workers.

In the situation where an employer has objective evidence that an employee may pose a health or safety threat, Jonathan advises that the employer should consider placing the employee on leave and requesting that the employee undergo a fitness for duty exam before returning to his or her job.  Before any type of job action is undertaken, however, Jonathan cautions that an employer should consult with employment counsel to ensure that any actions that are taken are in full compliance with the law.  A copy of the SHRM article may be obtained at: http://www.shrm.org/legalissues/federalresources/pages/conduct-rules-direct-threat.aspx.

Botched will cost lawyer $600,000.00

DiMuroGinsberg’s client, the RSPCA, prevails.

“A Richmond lawyer and his firm are on the hook for a $603,409.90 bequest that should have gone to the Richmond Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals, under a judge’s ruling last month in a legal malpractice case.”

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