DiMuroGinsberg is committed to ensuring accessibility of its website to people with disabilities. Call 703-684-4333 or fax us at 703-548-3181 to let us know how we’re doing on meeting your needs and how we might improve.

To those that are deaf or hard of hearing, please dial 711 to use TTY or a Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS).

To enable a more comfortable online experience, there are a number of accessibility features on your computer and mobile device that can help maximize the comfort of your online experience. Following are some examples of those features we’d like to share to assist you.


For help customizing any of the following features, choose the appropriate link(s) for your operating system and/or browser below.

  • Increasing the size of text on the screen
  • Magnifying the contents on the screen
  • Enabling high-contrast text
  • Having the words on the screen read out loud to you
Operating Systems

To modify system colors, text size mouse pointers or enable text-to-speech, choose the appropriate link for your operating system:


To learn how to use the zoom magnification features or enable high-contrast text, choose the link that is appropriate for your browser: