Seeking Compassion for Those That Society Forgets

by Zachary Deubler DiMuroGinsberg, PC After an eight-day jury trial in December 2017, the defendant was found guilty on thirty-one counts related to money laundering and wire fraud. He was sentenced to a total of 96 months imprisonment, followed by three years of supervised release. Shortly after his sentencing in January 2017, but before his […]

Did Your Contract Anticipate Coronovirus? The Application Of Force Majeure Clauses In Uncertain Times

by Jarrad Wright DiMuroGinsberg, PC In recent days, daily life in Northern Virginia, the Washington D.C. metro area, and throughout the United States has been disrupted with school closures and mandates from public health officials. As of now, the economic impact of the Coronavirus (COVID–19) pandemic is unknown. While the length and extent of the […]

Congress Enacts COVID-19 Paid Leave Entitlements

by Jonathan Mook DiMuroGinsberg, PC The coronavirus has wreaked havoc throughout the country, creating significant hardships on employees and employers alike as businesses adjust to the new world in which persons are advised to “shelter in place.” To help alleviate the situation, Congress recently passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (“FFCRA”), which creates two […]

Covid-19 and The Rush to Remote Office Work, The Basics.

by Zachary Deubler DiMuroGinsberg, PC Offices around the country are shutting their doors and directing staff to work from home as the World Health Organization on Friday confirmed more than 132,000 cases of COVID-19 (COVID-19) worldwide and declared the outbreak a world-wide pandemic. Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is urging a nationwide […]

The Coronavirus and DiMuroGinsberg

DiMuroGinsberg is taking the Coronavirus seriously, while trying to continue business as seamlessly as possible. For that reason, we have instituted the following measures to ensure the safety of our clients, attorneys, colleagues, and friends: If you have an appointment at our offices and are not feeling well, please let us know and we will […]

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The Coronavirus —How Do We Manage It?

by Stephanie West DiMuroGinsberg, PC Are you one of those people that washes your hands every chance you get in order to ward off Coronavirus? And, are you well-stocked at home and ready to be quarantined for a month if necessary? OR Are you someone who thinks this Coronavirus scare is a bunch of brouhaha […]

Are your noncompetes enforceable? Government contractors face fresh scrutiny

by M. Jarrad Wright DiMuroGinsberg, PC Noncompete agreements can be an effective way to protect your business if former employees or independent contractors are working for a rival business and using the skills, information, and contacts they acquired while working for you. A recent Virginia Circuit Court decision, however, highlights the need for companies that […]

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When Does an Order Qualify as a Final Order? How Does This Affect Bankruptcies?

By Jarrad Wright Failing to notice an appeal in time is a classic pitfall that has led to numerous malpractice claims. One key problem plaguing counsel is determining whether or not an order qualifies as a final order for appellate purposes. As a general rule, a trial court decision becomes final for appellate purposes only […]