Feds say Fairfax County slowed federal investigation of John Geer police shooting

ON AUG. 29, 2013, a Fairfax County police officer shot an unarmed Springfield resident John Geer in the doorway of his home with his hands in the air. In the hour before officers finally entered Geer’s home to check on him, he bled to death.

Earlier, Mr. Geer’s domestic partner of 24 years and the mother of their two daughters had called police after Mr. Geer became upset over her saying she was going to end their relationship and he began throwing her possessions out into the street.

The police responded, remaining outside his house for forty-five minutes while pointing their weapons at the unarmed Mr. Geer as he stood in his doorway with his hands up in the air. Then, for no known reason, while Mr. Geer continued to have his hands up in the air, an unidentified Fairfax County police officer shot Mr. Geer in the chest. Mr. Geer died from the single bullet wound.

Since August 29, 2013 the Fairfax County Police Department have refused to provide any information to Mr. Geer’s family regarding who shot him, why he was shot, why medical treatment was not provided or any other information pertaining to the shooting. Now, 15 months later, they still have refused to provide such information to the family, the public or the press because they claim there is an ongoing federal criminal investigation.

Michael Lieberman of our firm is representing the family and the Estate and on Tuesday, Sept. 2, we filed a civil suit in Fairfax Circuit Court seeking $12 million in damages from Fairfax County Police. The wrongful death lawsuit alleges, among other things, gross negligence and failure to supervise the patrol officer who killed Mr. Geer.