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DiMuroGinsberg is a litigation and business law firm located in Alexandria and Tysons, Virginia. We practice primarily in the areas of commercial litigation, business torts, business disputes, corporate law and business transactions, employment law, criminal defense and investigations, white collar crime, personal injury including wrongful death, professional liability and ethics, and intellectual property and patent cases. The attorneys of DiMuroGinsberg are known for their familiarity with and expertise before the Rocket Docket, a term often used for the speediness of the Federal Court of the Eastern District of Virginia. Their frequent appearances in the Rocket Docket has provided our attorneys with a base of knowledge that enables them to serve as a valuable resource for corporate counsel and business leaders unfamiliar with the local rules and practices of the Court.

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DGRead 18.10.15

Website accessibility to individuals with disabilities—Webinar w/ Jonathan Mook; Join Jonathan at HRComply2018 to discuss flexible work arrangements; Welcome Corey Zoldan, our new legal research pro…
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DGRead 18.10.01

Legal ethics—dynamic and difficult—a discussion with managing partner Ben DiMuro; Hot Button Employment Issues: What You Need to Know, live with renowned expert Jonathan Mook; Listen to founding partner…
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DGRead 18.09.15

DiMuroGinsberg’s experience litigating in the Rocket Docket; Conditions protected under the ADA—Webinar w/Jonathan Mook; Community service with Michele Kraftschik
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